2022 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year to celebrate some of the most important women in our lives, our moms. In this post, I will be showing you the Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you treat her this year.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Home Chef

1. Personalized Utensil Holder

Another customizable option that can be extra special for Mom, this bamboo utensil holder is the perfect decoration for her kitchen. Cute, and functional. Your home chefs will love this gift.

2. Rotating Spice Rack With Free Refills

I am obsessed with this 20 Jar Spice Organizer (so much so that I am about to get one for myself). It makes it so easy to find what you’re looking for and it comes with free refills for 5 years. I love that this one has 20 jars (vs. 16 like most others) and the wooden accent

3. An Air Fryer For Healthy-Ish Deliciousness

This air fryer is the next Mother’s Day gift idea for the kitchen-centric Mom. I love that this one is white and seems to be better quality than most of the competitors. Not only functional, but also an elegant, futuristic accessory.

4. ANOVA Sous Vide Precision Cooker

This precision cooker makes cooking fish, steak, chicken and any other type of meat a breeze. With a set-it-and-forget it functionality, you can put the meat in water, stick this guy in there and in 20 to 120 minutes, you will have a perfect, evenly-cooked dinner. While I don’t eat meat myself, I have gifted this to multiple women in my life (my mother included) and they have been exceptionally pleased.

Gift Ideas For The Boss Lady

5. An Espresso Machine

Being the first one in and the last one out (even if it’s from the virtual office) doesn’t make a great sleep schedule. Give her the extra pep in her step that she needs and deserves with this espresso machine

6. A Foot Massager

My boyfriend got this Shiatsu foot massager for me for Christmas and it has made my days at the office so much more enjoyable. The heat feature is very nice as well. It’s the perfect gift for Mom to keep under her desk or to use for relief after a long day on her feet.

7. A Mother-Daughter Spa Day

Next on the gift guide is something the workaholic Mom will love (and probably desperately needs). Get her a trip to the spa, you can give her a gift card or for added sentimental value, you can go with! Even better if you are in need of a deep tissue massage as well

8. Air Pods

If she doesn’t already have them, the boss lady Mom will love these. Whether it’s running to alleviate stress, listening to audiobooks, or taking calls on the go—these bad boys make the perfect gift for Mom.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Sentimental – Mom

9. Personalized Rings

These personalized rings are perfect for the sappy Mom. Get the kids names all on a separate ring that can be stacked together and she can always keep her favorite people on her hand

10. Long Distance Touch Lamps

Next on the list of Mom’s Day gifts for the sappy Mom are these long-distance touch lamps. As someone who lives in a different state than the rest of my family, I think this is an extremely cool idea. Touch one of the lamps and the other lights up, regardless of where it is. A great way for you to let Mom know you’re thinking of her, even if you’re far away.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Wino

11. A Nice Wine Tumbler

Wine tumblers are great for the Wino on the move. Especially with summer around the corner, and life returning to normalcy after the pandemic, this tumbler set is a perfect gift for Mom. I love this set because of the wood finish and I think it’s great that it comes with a bottle and a glass for a friend.

12. A Personalized Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

This is not only a functional kitchen decor item but it’s such a cute gift for the wino mom. Use it for housing plants and other kitchen things or for holding all of your wine accessories (perfect if she has a designated wine or bar area).

13. Wine Aerator

For moms who like good wine, this aerator is also a great gift. It’s portable and gives the red wine the O2 that it needs for those reds to taste their best.

Gift Ideas For The Fitness Junkie

14. OnCloud Sneakers

These sneakers are the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for the fitness enthusiast. I have a pair and they are ultra-comfortable. The brand is super trendy right now so if she is staying up with all of the fitness news, she will love and appreciate these.

15. Mini Exercise Bike For Under Her Desk

I recently just bought this under-the-desk bike for myself and it has been life changing. It really has made me feel so much better about sitting at a desk all day. The fitness enthusiast can use this while at work or while watching TV with the fam to feel like she is still burning calories.

16. A Willful Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker

I realize that most people already have one of these but if she is behind the times, your mom needs a smartwatch. This Willfull one on Amazon is a far less expensive dupe for the apple watch. It even looks like the damn thing! With all of the same functionalities and almost 50K raving reviews, this is a Mother’s Day gift idea your mama will love.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Beauty-Obsessed

17. Foreo Luna Face Cleaner

This Foreo Luna was a gift I received last year and it has done wonders for my skin care routine. This compact facial cleaning brush gets your skin glowing and clean after every use. The silicone brushes simulate a spa experience and leave your pores smaller and face looking and feeling it’s best.

18. Slip Silk Pillowcase

This Slip silk pillowcase protects your hair and skin while you sleep. Cotton material causes subtle damage to your skin and hair, leaving you with bed head and dull skin. This hydrates and protects your skin and hair while you sleep. A perfect gift for Mom (or yourself for that matter!)

19. OleHenricksen Vitamin C Gift Skin Set

As I mentioned in my spring makeup tutorial, I absolutely love OleHendricksen’s vitamin C products. This set is the perfect gift for the beauty-enthused mama. The vitmain C is going to fight free radicals and help her skin look radiant and young for years to come.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

20. Hermés Mini Perfume Set

This Hermés gift set is the perfect gift for the fashionista mom. Hermés is notorious for their very distinct and elegant fragrances and anyone concnerned with their street appeal will be thrilled to recieve this set.

21. Reasonably(ish) Priced Burberry Scarf

I was shocked to find a sub-$200 Burberry scarf at Nordstrom. There is another style of it at Saks that is just as cute. Generally, these scarfs range from $350 – $1000. This scarf is a true treat for any fashionista mom. With the classic Burberry print and the name on the inside, this is a classic she should have in her wardrobe.

22. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

This cardigan was another one that was gifted to me years ago and is one of my most-loved items. I have gifted this same item to many people and they are never disappointed. The texture of this cardigan does feel like a dream. She can wear it around the house to stay cozy or for a casual outing. You really can’t go wrong with this gift.

Mother’s Day Gifts for The Dog Mom

If your mom replaced her empty nest with 4 legged babies, don’t be jealous! You’re still (probably) her favorite. But if your mom loves her dog as much as mine does, she will love these gift ideas.

23. Fi Smart Dog Collar

The ideal gift for the spoiled pup, this Fi dog collar tracks your dog’s steps and also serves as a GPS tracker in case Fido goes missing. I have one for my dog and love that if he runs away, I can find him. Learn how many steps he needs to be worn out (it will recommend something based on your dog’s age and breed) and never have a restless, wild pup again. I also use it as an extra layer of fitness motivation for myself.

24. The Neater – Feeder

Mom will never complain about her floors getting dirty again. This Neater-Feeder dog bowl holder will keep her dog from slobbering and dropping food on the new wood floors (or worse, carpet). As a dog mom of a slobbery, 90-pound dog, this thing keeps the aggressive dripping and drooling at bay.

25. Custom Dog Breed Tumbler

This dog breed tumbler is a great gift for Mom but also will make her smile and think about her fur baby when she’s out. They make one for just about every dog breed and you can even get the pup’s name on it. It’s a gift she is sure to love.

26. Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

This Furbo dog camera and treat dispenser was actually gifted to me and it is by far one of my favorite things I own. With this, your mom can watch her pup while she is away. Talk to him, feed him treats and with the premium membership, be alerted if he barks, moves, or if someone is in the house. It’s also great for spying on husbands and human children….just throwing it out there.

Disclaimer: While this post is not sponsored in any way (I chose and paid for any of the products or services featured), I do make a small commission on some of the affiliate links above. If you chose to purchase any of the items through the links, I appreciate your support in that way.

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