How to Reduce Androgens in Females Naturally

Androgens. They’re not just for men. As women, we’ve got them too. They’re quietly conducting the symphony of our bodies, keeping things running smoothly. But when they decide to get a bit too loud—that’s when the trouble starts. High androgen…

Is Liquid IV Healthy? The Truth About This Electrolyte Powder

Whether you’ve seen it at your grocery store or tried it for yourself, chances are you have heard of this non-GMO electrolyte drink mix. Liquid IV has becoming increasingly popular among past couple years and I often am asked whether…

Safe, Transparent and Evidence-Backed Supplements

The supplement world is a scary one—filled with false advertising claims and minimal to no vetting or testing. The FDA does not regulate supplements the same way it does prescription drugs. So, supplement companies can—and do—make all sorts of wild…