Everything Wrong With FashionNova

In this post we are going to be talking about FashionNova and you can probably tell by the title, but it’s not with positive sentiment. I must say before I begin, that from a business perspective, I must admire them. They have quickly become the largest affordable fashion brands today. They have had Kylie Jenner and every other influencer shoving the brand in our faces or the past several years, and it clearly has paid off. But we are not going to be discussing their business in this article, we are going to be talking about their clothes.

Let me tell you why you should save your money and why FashionNova just isn’t that good.

It Is Trashy

I tried to think of a better adjective to describe the brand and inevitably, was unsuccessful. Before you roll your eyes at this section, go to the FashionNova website or Instagram feed and tell me the first word that comes to your mind. If you’re anything like me, the word is “trashy.” The first page of the site is polluted with boobs and butts, the “clothing” that they are trying to sell is not the star in any of the images. They are selling sexy, not clothes.

In fact, its difficult to find things on the site that you would want to wear to your parent’s or in-laws house. Everything about the brand screams scandalous (and not in a good way). They have some modest clothes but nothing worth buying for the other reasons mentioned in this post.

They Have 1 Star on the Better Business Bureau

This section should speak for itself without you needing to read further. But the average rating on the BBB is 1.4 stars. Yes, 1.4 out of 5. That’s truly disgraceful for a brand of this size. The customer service is terrible, the shipping is slow and there are several complaints of people never even receiving their clothes. They have also been challenged for unethical labor practices.

It’s Not For Every Body Type

The next reason you should shop elsewhere is because this brand was not designed for everyone. While they emphasize ethnic diversity, there is not much body type diversity. FashionNova is tailored toward curvy, big bottom, big breasted women. While, we all would like to have such assets, most of us do not. What looks great on the models in the photo is not going to look good on 90% of women.

It Lasts For 4 Wears (If You’re Lucky) — Yes, That Says “Wears” Not “Years”

I made one purchase from FashionNova to see what the rage was about. I got about 10 items and can count on one hand the number of times I wore all of them. Immediately upon receiving the clothes, I could tell that it was poorly manufactured. They were brand new items that were already fringing from the seams and made with cheap material. The first item I wore was a strappy long-pant jumpsuit. As we all know, jumpsuits are not easy to go to the bathroom in, and upon trying to do just that, one of the straps snapped off. It was with almost no force. Several other times were pilling or severely wrinkled after washing them.

It Will Be Out of Style Next Year

While there is no denying that FashionNova is trendy, trendy does not equate to fashionable. This brand is the opposite of sustainable fashion—it will fill your closet with options that you will only use once or twice. There is nothing worth buying that will stand the test of time. Everything is the latest off-the-runway trend that will be expired in a month. Even their Nova Vintage section, which is supposed to be all classic, vintage pieces, are not much different from the rest of the site.

For “Affordable Fashion”—It’s Extremely Overpriced

The brand refers to themself as an “Affordable Fashion” brand. Yet, the clothes are somewhat expensive when you compare them to an H&M or Forever 21. The average price on the website is around $30 – $40, which isn’t terrible but more expensive than say a Forever21 or SHEIN. Sure, you can get a T-shirt for $15 but they have dresses that are over $100. However, when you compare the quality to some of those competing brands, FashionNova falls behind.

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  1. 2.16.22
    Polo said:

    I’ve been waiting goin on 5 months for my purchase refund and they have ignored me, everytime I try to go to customer support a coupon from them pops up 10% off smh bro I just want my money back. Do you know anyway I cant do this? I’ve even commented on their Instagram and dmed them personally, while send several complaints and still no response.

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