Are Golden Gooses Worth It? An Honest Review

I’ll be honest, I was a hater of the Golden Goose Sneakers for quite some time. After all, they are $600 sneakers with a star on them. Plus, many of the designs are over the top and frankly just not my style. But with any designer item, they certainly offer a unique flair and recognizable design. However, when I was in Italy, I ventured into a store and found a pair I actually really liked. So I made a purchase I never thought I would, and in this post I am going to tell you my honest opinions on the shoes and answer the question that you are inevitably wondering: are Golden Gooses worth it?

The Shoes I Got

I ended up purchasing the Ball Star Ivory Leather Sneakers. I liked these ones because the style was much more subtle than the typical Golden Goose bold and sparkly design. If I was going to spend an exorbitant amount of money on sneakers, I wanted to be able to wear them frequently, and for me, many of the designs are harder to mix and match with many outfits. The off-white color is neutral and easy to wear but also easier to maintain than your stark white. But of course, to keep things interesting and give it the Golden Goose flair, these ones have the pink Zebra print fuzz on the back.

What are Golden Gooses?

Golden Goose is an Italian designer sneaker brand that puts forth a distressed chic style. The two designers: Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo wanted to capitalize on the growing distressed streetwear trend while still putting forth the quality and craftsmanship that the Italian shoemaking industry is known for. The shoes are meant to emphasize wear and tear that come from experiences and adventures so most styles come with intentionally-placed scuffs, tears and blemishes.

Why are Golden Gooses so Expensive?

Golden Gooses are not cheap—they cost anywhere from $400 to $800 dollars, depending on the style you choose. So if you are wondering why they are so expensive, you are not out of line. Golden Gooses so expensive for a few different reasons. For starters, they are handmade in Italy from genuine calfskin leather. So while, you are paying a pretty penny for a pair of sneakers, they are of excellent quality. The other reason they are so expensive is because they are a designer item—each shoe is accented with unique elements of distress, and style. The iconic star has become recognizable around many different countries, and with any designer item, is a symbol of status and affluence.

Are Golden Gooses Comfortable?

Yes! These are some of the most comfortable sneakers I have worn. While I wouldn’t take them to the tennis court or the gym with me, any time I know I will be doing a lot of walking (while still trying to look put fashionable), these are my go-to. They offer moderate arch support and are cushiony enough to go the distance. Although, if you like really cushiony insoles, these may not be up to par, they don’t offer as much give as some alternatives.

Are Golden Gooses Worth It?

So for the verdict: are golden gooses worth it? If you appreciate designer items and see yourself wearing them often, then yes—in my opinion, they are worth it. While they are expensive, you know you are getting a high-quality, comfortable pair of shoes that will last you forever. The intentionally distressed design also means that they will never be too dirty not to wear.

Golden Goose Alternatives & Dupes

If you like the distressed chic look but don’t want to commit to the high price point, here are some Golden Goose alternatives that offer a similar style.

Oliver Cabell – Low 1

Get the similar distressed look with these Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers. They offer many different styles that still present that Golden Goose-esque design with the sparkles and distressed appearance. With Oliver Cabell, you’re still getting a high-quality sneaker but for a fraction of the price. Note, these are still somewhat expensive with most styles ranging between $200 and $300.

Party Star Sneakers

These ones are only $50 (a tenth the price of the Golden Gooses) and they look very similar. They even offer the star design. At first glance, most people would be fooled by these dupes. Of course, you can’t expect to get the same level of quality with this Amazon pair, but you can certainly get a similar look without breaking the bank.

Vintage Havana Sneakers

These ones are a little nicer than the ones above but can still be purchased on Amazon. The laces even have the distressed, grafitti look that are popular among many Golden Goose designs. And of course, they feature the star on the side as well.

Disclaimer: I make a small commission on some of the affiliate links above. If you chose to purchase any of the items through the links, I appreciate your support in that way!

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