Emotional Abuse Test

Welcome to your Emotional Abuse Test

How would you describe your confidence levels since entering the relationship
How often does your partner raise his voice at you?
Does your partner call you not-so-nice names?
Does your partner pressure you into doing things you otherwise wouldn't?
How does your partner treat your goals and interests
Do you still see your friends and family?
He has encouraged" you to change something about you
This includes the clothes you wear, how much makeup you wear, getting "work" done (surgery, implants, botox), etc.
Whenever there is a conflict, it's your fault
How often does your partner snoop through your phone, tablet or computer?
How jealous is your partner
He sometimes makes you question your sanity
Does your partner monitor your whereabouts?
He blames you for his unfortunate circumstances
Does your partner try to control you financially

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